Stop IT Security Sprawl.

Consolidate, strengthen &
simplify your security with TAC.

The simple truth is security has become too complex.

Organizations have too many security products from multiple vendors managing access to corporate infrastructure.   The latest Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report shows 65% of companies use six or more security products and 55% have products from six or more vendors.

Over time a typical enterprise accumulates multiple security products as access and security needs evolve.  Each addresses a specific function, from Two-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on, to mobile device management, cloud access and more.

The complexity of these environments is proven to increase an organization’s risk.

The Security Challenge:

Separate security products don't talk to each other.

The lack of integration in security can allow gaps of time and space, where bad actors can launch attacks.

– Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report

Your users want easy access - You need that access to be secure.

Ease of use and security have always been opposing forces. Multiple usernames and passwords, rigid password policies and multiple means of access create a significant burden on the shoulders of the end user. This makes end users less productive and unhappy.

It’s also challenging to ensure that each connection is truly secure and takes into account the context in which the connection is established. Compounding the issue – the resources employees need to access can be anywhere, or in the cloud.

Hybrid enterprises can be troublesome because companies often have little control over cloud access methods; the provider does. The result: end users are left dealing with many passwords and access methods – and they’re having trouble keeping it all straight.

Where the applications reside shouldn't matter.
How you secure them does.

Bring order to the security chaos with

A single security solution that delivers simpler, stronger, and unified security.

TAC Features include:

Secure Access from any device

Access any application from any location, via desktop, mobile, VPN, RDP, and more.

Advanced Proxy

Controlled proxy-based access to all applications & data, whether local or cloud-based.

Simplified User Experience

Single sign-on to a portal that provides users with easy access to all their applications.

Eliminated Security Gaps

Unified architecture ensures every feature and function of security is controlled by a single platform.

TAC provides multiple levels of security, including:

  • Security policy engine
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Geo-IP intelligence 
  • Context of access
  • Protection for unmanaged devices
  •  Support for multiple authentication methods
  • Administrative and performance tools
  • Centralized management
  • Audit and reporting capabilities 
  • Application acceleration 
  • High availability and redundancy 
  • Device Validation

Simpler, Stronger, Unified Security
Control access to ALL your resources (local and cloud)
Secure access from any device, any location
Strengthen security posture
Eliminate security gaps
Simplify the user experience
Reduce costs, enable mobility.