Zero Trust Access

The fastest, easiest way to Zero Trust WITHOUT making changes to your authentication, network or application infrastructures.

Total Access Control™ (TAC) by PortSys strengthens, simplifies, and unifies your information security with advanced secure reverse proxy technology. Built on Zero Trust principles, TAC rapidly deploys to accelerate your enterprise’s digital transformation. Empower your end users to securely access local and cloud resources from anywhere while significantly reducing threats to your infrastructure.





  • Rapidly achieve Zero Trust in days or weeks, without the need for extensive infrastructure changes
  • Seamlessly functions in both local datacenters and cloud environments
  • Scalable implementation tailored to your specific needs and growth trajectory
  • Streamlines multiple security products into a single, cost-effective solution
  • Centralizes management, audit, and reporting for seamless control over access across local and cloud environments
  • Establishes a more comprehensive, integrated, and fortified architecture for enhanced security
  • Effortlessly evaluates multiple authentication factors for every access request, ensuring thorough security checks
  • Establishes granular segmentation by granting users access to specific resources, rather than the entire network
  • Prevents or restricts access from untrusted states, based on customized policies and configurations
  • Enhances security and performance by closing vulnerable ports and reducing exposure
  • Evaluates users’ complete context of access, including device, operating system, location, patching, and certificates
  • Offers a wide range of granular controls, allowing for virtually unlimited combinations tailored to any application’s specific requirements


  • Enhance user productivity with seamless Single-Sign On (SSO) from any device, anywhere
  • Provide a personalized user experience for all resources, whether they are local or in the cloud
  • Reduce administrative burden by minimizing the time spent on credential resets and resolving lockouts
  • Protect your organization from phishing, ransomware, brute force, BEC, and data exfiltration attacks
  • Ensure business continuity and redundancy with high-performance connectivity for uninterrupted operations
  • Accelerate your ability to securely adapt to market forces driving innovation in your industry
  • Embrace mobility and enable seamless remote access from anywhere, including work from home and collaborations with partners
  • Experience dependable and predictable performance at scale to effectively meet the growing needs of your business
  • Empower end users to focus on driving business transformation initiatives that increase market share and propel growth
  • Achieve Zero Trust goals seamlessly without the need for costly rip and replace of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Enhance your end users’ experience, simplifying access and improving productivity across your hybrid enterprise
  • Accelerate your business’s growth through digital transformation by leveraging TAC to expedite modernization efforts

What to Look for in a Zero Trust Solution

Uncover the Strategic Guide to Protecting and Growing Your Business in our White Paper: “C-Suite & Board Members Cybersecurity Risk: A Board’s-Eye View”

Gain a board’s-eye view of cybersecurity risk and explore the three flavors of Zero Trust in our comprehensive guide.

Key Points:
– Identity-Focused: Learn about credentials-based solutions that strengthen identity and secure access, while understanding their limitations.

– Data-Focused: Discover the benefits and challenges of controlling access to data assets, protecting against ransomware attacks, and addressing open ports.

– Access-Focused: Embrace a Zero Trust Access approach that centralizes and simplifies access control for all resources, regardless of location.

– Easy Deployment: Implement Zero Trust Access alongside existing infrastructure without system changes, allowing for a seamless transition.

– Enhanced Security: Protect data resources, embrace digital transformation, and gain a competitive edge.

– Cost Savings: Streamline access control, eliminate complexities, and accelerate your Zero Trust strategy.

Download our white paper, “C-Suite & Board Members Cybersecurity Risk: A Board’s-Eye View,” to delve deeper into the benefits and challenges of different Zero Trust approaches. Safeguard your business and drive growth in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Total Access Control™ from PortSys: The Ideal Solution for Zero Trust Implementation

Unleash the Power of Zero Trust Access Control in a Perimeterless World with Our Data Sheet

Total Access Control™ (TAC™) offers a Zero Trust approach designed for the hybrid enterprise, giving your organization a competitive edge. With TAC, you can address the challenges of securing your infrastructure against sophisticated attacks, enabling your teams to focus on driving digital transformation instead of fighting threats.

Download our Data Sheet, “Zero Trust Access Control in a Perimeterless World,” to discover:

  • Benefits of Zero Trust: Learn how adopting a Zero Trust approach enhances security and business outcomes, fortifying defenses and driving innovation.

  • Technical Specifications for Implementation: Gain insights into implementing a robust access control system, including best practices and essential components.

Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate modern cybersecurity. Download the Data Sheet and secure your organization’s future with Zero Trust Access Control.

How TAC Aligns with Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Total Access Control™ (TAC) from PortSys ensures your organization meets regulatory and compliance requirements without sacrificing security. TAC aligns with leading cybersecurity standards, including: 

  • NSA’s Zero Trust Guidelines
  • NIST SP 800-207
  • FBI CJIS Security Policy 5.9
  • CISA’s TIC 3.0
  • SAMA’s CyberSecurity Framework

By choosing TAC™, you demonstrate compliance during audits and assessments while adhering to industry best practices. Our solution strengthens your security posture, safeguards sensitive data, and provides the necessary controls for secure access.

Ensure compliance effortlessly with TAC™ from PortSys. Achieve regulatory standards while fortifying your overall security.

Total Access Control™ (TAC) from PortSys

The fastest, easiest way to Zero Trust WITHOUT making changes to your authentication, network or application infrastructures.

Ready to Strengthen Your Security Today?

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  • Achieve a robust security posture
  • Simplify access controls, enhance productivity
  • Protect your valuable data from evolving threats

Our experts are ready to guide you through the TAC implementation process, tailored to meet your unique needs and ensure a seamless transition.

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