Identity Is Not Security – Context Is King

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 7.3% of users fell for phishing attacks. Even more astounding, 15% of those people fell for subsequent phishing attacks that hijacked their credentials. It’s a short trip through those holes for hackers to spread out and infect other users across your enterprise, share your proprietary information...... Read More

When MDM is not enough: Context is key

Don’t get me wrong, MDM (mobile device management) is an important way to get control over some of the important aspects of today’s mobile device explosion. There are many valuable features available from a variety of vendors as well. Many of these can be quite valuable to your organization. However, MDM falls short in another...... Read More

UK leads the way for security of mobile workforce; US needs to step it up

I’ve traveled around many parts of the world and it’s been quite surprising to me that the US seems to be behind in finding ways to adequately protect mobility. When I say mobility, it’s more than just smartphones and tablets too, although this is a part of it.  But, mobility in general and cohesive protection...... Read More

All access is not created equal

One of the most important challenges needing to be addressed as a result of the rapid evolution of mobility has been missed by many organizations. Many organizations start with the premise that only valid users with proper credentials will get into their systems (e.g. Username and Password).  We’ve put in the necessary firewalls to keep...... Read More

AntiVirus for Mobile vs. Managed Secure Access for Mobile and BYOD

When recently discussing this with some colleagues I realized that there are still a number of people who aren’t certain about the differences in technologies and how they impact them directly.  Being in the security field, we often forget that what we know and accept as understood can be quite mysterious and unclear to others...... Read More

Think your business is too small to be at risk of a security breach? Think again.

Smaller businesses have generally operated with very limited investment in information security. Perhaps lulled into a sense of “security through anonymity,” some businesses have decided that investing their resources in security was overkill. Times have changed. Hacking in the past was primarily a sport, something done for fun or fame. Today, the threat landscape has...... Read More