Zero Trust Access in Spotlight at ISSA Summit

PortSys CEO Michael Oldham Urges Cybersecurity Pros to Take Bigger Roles in Growing Business

IRVING, TX – October 2, 2019 – A Zero Trust Access approach is a strategic imperative for
digital transformation efforts and enables cybersecurity professionals to raise their profiles
within their organizations, Michael Oldham, CEO of PortSys®, told attendees at the
International Systems Security Association (ISSA) Summit on Tuesday.
“Businesses are at more risk than ever,” Oldham said. “Every day, organizations are hacked,
lose customer records and private medical information, or get locked down in ransomware
attacks. Hackers use new tactics to rapidly accelerate the number and success of threats. The
existing IT infrastructure of most organizations – even those with significant resources – don’t
Oldham cited surveys that show cybersecurity is a top concern for CEOs, with 95% of
organizations already either implementing, studying or budgeting for Zero Trust solutions to
meet the constantly evolving security challenges of the modern hybrid enterprise.
“Huge amounts of money are lost in threats,” Oldham said. “Businesses face significant
government fines, see their credit rating downgraded, and even go bankrupt from these
breaches. The C-suite and board directors know an attack has a significant negative impact on
the bottom line.”
The move to Zero Trust Access provides a golden opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to
raise their profiles as strategic business partners within their organizations, Oldham said. The
“Never Trust, Always Verify” approach not only reduces IT complexity and costs, but also helps
organizations to embrace mobility and enable digital transformation.
“Risk is a huge drag on innovation, but Zero Trust Access strengthens your security, reduces
risk, and simplifies access for end users,” Oldham said. “By reducing infrastructure and support
costs, more resources are available to quickly adapt to new business initiatives, drive
innovation, accelerate change, and grow your business.”

PortSys, Inc., a privately funded company, is a global innovator in information security and Zero
Trust Access Control. Enterprise organizations around the world rely on PortSys’s scalable Total
Access Control solution to significantly strengthen, simplify and unify IT security across the

enterprise. PortSys serves customers from its U.S. headquarters in Marlborough, MA, offices in
the UK, and distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For more information,
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