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The Last Watchdog’s Zero Trust Access profile named one of top security blog posts in 2019

MARLBOROUGH, MA – January 21, 2020Information Management Today, which provides expert content from industry thought leaders to 37,000 information management professionals, named The Last Watchdog on Privacy and Security’s profile of PortSys and Zero Trust Access as an MVP blog post for 2019.

Blogger Byron Acohido’s post, “New Tech: Early adopters find smart ‘Zero Trust’ access improves security without stifling innovation,” featured the insights of PortSys CEO Michael Oldham.

The Last Watchdog on Privacy and Security is consistently named one of the top cybersecurity blogs in industry rankings. Acohido is a Pulitzer Prize-winning business and technology journalist who previously worked at USA Today.

In the post, Oldham highlighted the challenges enterprise organizations face in securing resources in their infrastructure, and how a Zero Trust Access approach helps organizations to gain better control over the complexity that has grown over time in their networks.

PortSys’ Zero Trust solution, Total Access Control, uses a “Never Trust, Always Verify” approach to reduce IT complexity and costs, while also helping organizations to embrace mobility and enable digital transformation. PortSys customers span the globe across many industries, including finance, government, defense, utilities, healthcare, education, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), construction, and other market segments where secure access to enterprise information is vital.

In the post, Oldham said, “Security used to be a boat anchor that kept companies from doing things. But I think people are actually starting to discover that we’ve reached a point where security can actually be an enabler that opens up strategic moves.”

The MVP awards honor the online posts that provide the highest value to industry professionals through useful and actionable information that is tactical or strategic in nature.

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PortSys, Inc., a privately funded company, is a global innovator in information security and Zero Trust Access Control. Enterprise organizations around the world rely on PortSys’s scalable Total Access Control solution to significantly strengthen, simplify and unify IT security across the enterprise. PortSys serves customers from its U.S. headquarters in Marlborough, MA, offices in the UK, and distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For more information, visit

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