Total Access Control adds Geo IP Intelligence to access control platform

Marlborough, Mass. December, 17 2015. PortSys announces the addition of Geo IP Intelligence to the Total Access Control Platform.

PortSys, Inc. today announced the addition of Geo IP Intelligence to their Total Access Control product. TAC enhances mobility and provides a unified access experience that secures access to corporate resources regardless of where they reside (local or cloud).

CEO of PortSys, Michael Oldham stated, “Our continuing commitment to provide the strongest secure access platform available continues with the addition of Geo IP Intelligence. Now, organizations can incorporate access location into security policies to further safeguard critical business resources. The Geo IP Intelligence allows an organization to leverage the TAC Policy Engine and include location as part of the criteria for access to resources. Importantly, this can be done at the individual resource level to provide unprecedented control not available in other security products.”

The addition of Geo IP Intelligence has brought PortSys to a new level. Not only does TAC provide a unified access control infrastructure for all corporate resources, local and cloud-based, but now each resource’s access can be further refined to only allow or block access to individual resources based on a user’s geographic location.

Oldham continues, “If an organization doesn’t do business in North Korea, they can block all access to resources from that geography. Or as another more refined example, an organization could block access to all financial applications for anyone who might be outside the company offices, with the exception of the executive team who can get access from anywhere. TAC gains an extremely powerful way to help organizations protect access with the addition of Geo IP Intelligence.”

Geo IP Intelligence is available now as an included feature of Total Access Control at no additional cost.

About PortSys

PortSys, Inc., founded in 2008, is a privately funded company focusing on information security and access control. PortSys currently has customers worldwide representing some of the world’s largest financial institutions, government ministries, defense departments, utilities, healthcare organizations and industry-leading enterprises.

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