PortSys Rolls Out Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

PortSys, Inc., (www.portsys.com) a global OEM partner with Microsoft and HP recently announced the Threat Management Gateway security appliance with Microsoft’s Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010, delivering a flexible, powerful platform giving corporate IT the threat protection it needs to make unmatched security invisible to end users.

Shipping immediately, TMG integrates with identity and access controls in the existing active directory structure and applies site-blocking and content filters based on customized roles and permissions created for each end user. Uniquely, security updates do not come from a single vendor like other solutions on the market, but instead come from Microsoft’s Reputations Services, a cloud-based database that integrates data from a host of security partners.

“TMG is the best protection available for enterprises who want to protect their users accessing information outside their organization while preventing any unwanted traffic from coming back in,” said CEO of PortSys Michael Oldham. “Each URL is examined for compliance with corporate policy and for malicious potential of the destination web site. The TMG appliance is always up to date with the latest threats and exploits seen among more than 45 million web domains and uncounted billions of pages.”

The PortSysTMG appliance also offers remote support, automatic patch management and sophisticated monitoring and reporting capabilities. Other features of TMG include:

  • Multi-layer firewall protection including, packet filtering, stateful filtering and application layer filtering

  • Secure remote access for sensitive content enabling organizations to make their Exchange, Sharepoint and other web applications servers accessible in a more secure way with pre-authentication and inspection of encrypted traffic

  • Secure branch office link – cost effective site-to-site VPN connections, content filtering and maximized WAN bandwidth from compressing and caching data

  • Blocking access to all executable content – HTTP policy enforcement enables blocking of all connection attempts to the Microsoft Windows operating system, regardless of file extension on the resource

  • HTTP rule based filtering – comprehensive HTTP stateful inspection to the depth required with customized rules created. This allows for configuring custom constraints for inbound and outbound HTTP access.

  • Web caching – accelerating access to frequently requested content and reduces bandwidth utilization

  • Real-time monitoring and log entries – View firewall, Web Proxy and SMTP Message Screener logs in real time

  • Secure dedicated Exchange support – publishing rules give remote Outlook client users fully functional, LAN-like connections over the Internet to Exchange Servers. The outlook client must be configured to use secure RPC so that the connection is encrypted. RPC policy allows blocking of all non-encrypted Outlook MAPI client connections.

The PortSysTMG appliance is built on customized versions of HP rack-mounted severs that include Intel’s Nehalem chip architecture with unmatched performance, scalability, durability and service. The Windows operating system is streamlined to optimize performance, hardened for security and enhanced with PortSys Appliance Management (PSAM) technology. It also provides integrated HP iLO support to offer a virtual presence and complete control over the TMG no matter where support technicians are. HP iLO instrumentation and secure virtual network integrate with PortSys’ own instrumentation and alert capabilities, monitors the TMG status and offers notification to both technicians and PortSys of any problems.

About PortSys
Founded in 2008 as a spin-off of NEI, formerly Network Engines, Inc., PortSys provides substantial expertise around the Microsoft Forefront Security products. As a recognized leader within their market, they provide significant value to their customers, above and beyond the value of the Microsoft applications that come as part of their appliances.

PortSys currently has hundreds of customers worldwide representing some of the world’s largest financial institutions, government ministries, defense departments, healthcare organizations and industry-leading enterprises.

PortSys is a privately funded company focused on network and applications security. With headquarters in Marlborough, MA, USA, PortSys also serves customers from its offices in the UK and through distributors throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. For more information, visit www.portsys.com.