PortSys Announces the Unified Access Gateway Appliance

PortSys, Inc., a global partner with Microsoft™ and HP™ (www.portsys.com) today announced the PortSys Unified Access Gateway line of appliances. Available for immediate order, these appliances provide the latest technological breakthroughs to support organizational mobility and secure remote access to critical applications and data. PortSys UAG appliances are delivered on HP-based technologies to provide customers with the best, most reliable appliances and Enterprise-level support around the world. Availability is immediate and will be available through PortSys and their channel partners internationally.

Today, enterprises must allow for remote access to applications and valuable information to remain competitive and they must do this without jeopardizing security.  This also must be accomplished in a manner that is acceptable to users. The Unified Access Gateway securely publishes resources to make them available to users while simultaneously improving security over traditional access methods.

Analyst Phil Schacter of Burton Group agrees. “With the increased mobility of the workforce, organizations need to expand their support for secure networking while safeguarding data center assets from compromised credentials or malware-infected devices,” he said. “The mobile workforce needs secure remote connectivity with transparent access to a range of data center services hosted on a mix of Windows and non-Windows servers.”

The PortSys Unified Access Gateway appliance will provide customers with functionality not available in a single offering before. Key features of the joint solution include:

  • Secure application access through a customized portal, created dynamically for each user based on their device type, location, authentication credentials, end-point status and more.

  • In-depth application knowledge allowing white-listing of valid traffic patterns for valid use, and blocking non-sanctioned transactions or security threats. This can be used to block or allow functionality within an application (e.g. Provide access to Outlook Web Access, but block the ability to upload or download files within OWA).

  • Support for Microsoft DirectAccess, allowing direct network connectivity regardless of the location of the end-user.

  • The addition of Ballista™ Application Acceleration technology to improve application performance to end-users connecting via the gateway.

  • Both iLO and PSAM management systems to provide full management capability of your PortSys appliance estate, regardless of their geographic location.

“Our appliances allow our customers to provide secure application and data access to end-users, business partners and their customers from a wide variety of devices in a very secure manner that is consistent with their security policies,” said Michael Oldham, CEO at PortSys. “The addition of our proprietary management technologies, application acceleration and outstanding 24 x 7 global support provides incomparable value and a truly unique offering for secure remote access technology.”

For information about the PortSys Unified Access Gateway, contact PortSys sales at  sales@portsys.com.

About PortSys

Founded in 2008 as a spin-off of NEI, formerly Network Engines, Inc., PortSys provides substantial expertise around the Microsoft Forefront Security products. As a recognized leader within their market, they provide significant value to their customers, above and beyond the value of the Microsoft applications that come as part of their appliances.

PortSys currently has hundreds of customers worldwide representing some of the world’s largest financial institutions, government ministries, defense departments, healthcare organizations and industry-leading enterprises.

PortSys is a privately funded company focused on network and applications security. With headquarters in Marlborough, MA, USA, PortSys also serves customers from its offices in the UK and through distributors throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. For more information, call (781) 996-4900 in North America, +44 208 196 2420 for International, or visit www.portsys.com.