PortSys fortifies security for Microsoft Outlook add-ins in Total Access Control

TAC encrypts connections to enable secure access for approved business productivity extensions

MARLBOROUGH, MA – April 18, 2019PortSys®, a global innovator in information security and zero trust access control for the enterprise, today announced that Total Access Control™ (TAC) now fully supports secure connections to all approved add-in extensions for Microsoft Outlook, both from the desktop and through web browsers.

TAC provides a secure, encrypted connection to enable approved communications through add-ins based on an organization’s security policies, while preventing non-approved Outlook add-ins from communicating with the back end of an organization’s infrastructure. Even if approved add-ins are not natively encrypted, they are encrypted before access is provided to end users through the TAC portal.

The seamless desktop- and browser-based support TAC provides for Outlook Add-ins makes it easy for organizations to publish to any application, local or cloud. This latest protection and productivity enhancement for TAC extends beyond Microsoft Outlook itself to provide robust security control of popular plugins from other organizations – including those from Salesforce, Adobe, Skype, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoToMeeting and Slack.

TAC enhances security by ensuring that the plugins are properly authenticating users and ensuring the same robust access control TAC provides to Outlook extends to the plugins as well. This also provides IT organizations a way to ensure that only properly approved Outlook plugins are allowed to pass through secure connections.

“TAC’s zero trust access control makes security simpler, stronger and more unified, offering our customers an all-inclusive approach to secure access to valuable resources and tools such as Outlook add-ins,” said Michael Oldham, CEO of PortSys. “By making authentication support for Outlook extensions available from both the desktop and browsers, PortSys continues to fulfill its mission to strengthen, simplify and unify security across the enterprise.”

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PortSys, Inc., a privately funded company, is a global innovator in information security and zero trust access control. Some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations rely on PortSys’ scalable Total Access Control solution to significantly strengthen, simplify and unify IT security across the enterprise. PortSys serves customers from its U.S. headquarters in Marlborough, MA, offices in the UK, and distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For more information, visit www.portsys.com.

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