Coronavirus: Accelerate Your Secure Remote Access

  •  Economic losses from global spread of infectious disease could exceed $500 billion
  • 92% of firms with business continuity plans intend to have employees work remotely
  • Total Access Control allows firms to seamlessly enact business continuity measures


MARLBOROUGH, MA – March 12, 2020 – Today’s PortSys® blog examines the significant business continuity challenges organizations face in ramping up secure remote access for end users in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the blog, Michael Oldham, CEO of PortSys, points out that such outbreaks can not only damage a company’s reputation, but also seriously hurt its bottom line. In a worst-case scenario, the World Health Organization estimates annual economic losses from a global pandemic such as Coronavirus could exceed $500 billion.

More than half of companies around the world don’t have business continuity plans in place for such healthcare emergencies, which could create significant financial and operational consequences if employees stay home. Of those with business continuity plans, 92% intend to have employees work remotely during a healthcare crisis.

In similar crises in the past, Oldham writes, organizations that did have business continuity plans relied on RDP or VPN connections to handle a short-term emergency increase in remote access, often at great financial and operational costs. The problem is that hackers increasingly exploit attack vectors through these connections – leading to phishing, malware, ransomware and brute force attacks, business email compromises, and well-publicized data breaches.

Oldham explains in his post how Total Access Control™ (TAC) from PortSys allows organizations to quickly and securely ramp up the same rich experience remote users have in the office. He outlines how PortSys’ reverse proxy technology even protects RDP and VPN connections that sit behind TAC, making them invisible to the outside world. Since these connections are no longer visible through the Internet, attackers can no longer exploit those gaps.

You can read the blog post in its entirety here:

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