Security Solutions Watch – An Interview with Michael Oldham

NEW YORK, NY, Jul 19, 2016


PortSys /

Michael Oldham, Chief Executive Officer, PortSys, told us, “We protect access for one of the major defense departments in Europe. Every item that’s purchased in that country, or around the world, is procured through systems we protect. Whether you are buying a pencil or a battleship, PortSys protects the access to those systems. We also have several critical infrastructure customers who supply power to their regions of the world. These customers are in the United States and in Europe, but that’s about as specific as I can get as these organizations understandably maintain a high level of secrecy about their infrastructure and security. We all know how critical the electrical infrastructure is and how it has continued to be in the news as a potential source of vulnerability. PortSys provides security and access control technologies for these organizations so they can continue to provide electricity to their constituents. These are tens of millions of people who depend on these organizations for everyday life. These are absolutely crucial services and are among some of the most targeted institutions in the world. We are proud to be part of their defense.”

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