PortSys Total Access Control Suite Brings Real-Time Control and Complete Network Security to Mobile Devices

MARLBOROUGH, MA–(Marketwire – Sep 10, 2012) – PortSys, leader in bringing secure access control to the enterprise, today announced Secure Mobile Enterprise™ as part of their Total Access Control™ (TAC) bundle, bringing access control and real-time security to mobile devices, and thereby revolutionizing the way mobile business is done. Ideal for small businesses as well as large ones, Secure Mobile Enterprise allows organizations to secure and control access by mobile devices, providing the ideal end-to-end solution for mobile connectivity.

“BYOD poses a significant challenge to IT organizations and adds complexity and costs to effectively controlling access to corporate networks and resources,” says Eric Klein, a Senior Analyst at VDC Research. “Solutions such as Total Access Control can help to simplify administering a BYOD environment while improving an organization’s security posture.”

With PortSys’ Secure Mobile Enterprise, you can:

•      Bind employees’ mobile devices to their user account

•      Block devices from accessing corporate resources based on device type, operating system, hardware level, or patch level

•      Identify and block devices from accessing your resources before sign-in attempts are made

•      Remotely and centrally purge data in the event that a mobile device becomes lost or stolen

•      Identify and block Jailbroken or Rooted mobile devices

•      Offer compatibility with a large range of mobile devices so that your employees can select the devices they want while maintaining optimum productivity

BYOD for Secure Mobile Enterprise is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and soon with Windows Mobile.

“Many companies today are focused on mobile device management which does not always solve the real problem. MDM can be costly and can be very intrusive, particularly for employee-owned devices,” said CEO of PortSys, Michael Oldham. “We focus on access control, making access decisions real-time based on the specific device, user and resource being accessed. This allows companies to quickly and easily embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or other mobile initiatives without any invasive technologies.”

Total Access Control (TAC) is a series of connected products that secure and manage access to business resources from any device regardless of where the resource is located (local or cloud). TAC empowers organizations by allowing administrators to set the appropriate requirements for access to specific resources/applications themselves. To do this, TAC identifies the connecting device, its present location, user credentials including multi-factor authentication, and whether the device status meets the acceptable conditions set for access to that particular resource. This strategy does not rely on managing the device itself, but rather controls which devices get access to specific resources and under what conditions that access will be granted.

“In a recent survey by Unisys, end-users were found to be using their own personal devices to get access to corporate information at a rate twice that of what administrators of IT said they were,” said Oldham. “BYOD is happening and organizations are losing control of who and how people are accessing key business information in their environments. Secure Mobile Enterprise enables customers to expand access to many different device types in a secure manner. Mobile devices are bonded to a user’s account and must be approved in order to gain access.”

Secure Mobile Enterprise is just one component of PortSys Total Access Control, a complete control suite that allows employers to regulate network traffic via a number of channels, not just mobile devices. Total Access Control provides organizations with centralized access control for all network access.

PortSys Total Access Control is revolutionizing the way organizations do business by removing security and access barriers that have held back collaboration and productivity. Total Access Control and Secure Mobile Enterprise are available now. To learn more about implementing Total Access Control contact PortSys directly. Packages begin at $64 per year per individual user for Secure Mobile Enterprise and Total Access Control Gateway.