PortSys heightens security for SSH network services with Total Access Control

TAC protects Command Line Interfaces, Internet of Things devices

MARLBOROUGH, MA – February 4, 2020PortSys®, a global innovator in information security and Zero Trust Access control for the enterprise, today announced that Total Access Control™ (TAC) now offers protection for SSH network services.

TAC secures Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) such as those used to gain access through Unix and Linux platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The clientless solution includes strong authentication technologies – such as 2-factor and multifactor authentication, device validation and GeoIP intelligence – to enforce security policy based on a user’s full context of access.

A CLI vulnerability exploited through a brute force attack on Target led to one of the most damaging breaches ever, exposing data on 40 million shoppers. Target paid $18.5 million to settle claims related to the breach.

TAC is the first technology to secure CLI command controls based on a user’s full context of access. If someone requests access from an untrusted device, TAC prevents them from deleting, moving or changing files or executing catastrophic demands. It also removes the need for a terminal client application like PuTTY, since all SSH connections can be provided exclusively via any modern browser.

TAC’s Single Sign-On (SSO) connects users directly to an SSH session by seamlessly enabling credentials mapping with attributes tied to a CLI. Users gain session access while commands sent to the CLI by way of the SSH service are fully monitored. This enables organizations to block malicious SSH commands based on a user’s context of access.

“TAC’s reverse proxy gateway makes CLIs invisible to the Internet while providing security capabilities previously not available to SSH services,” said Michael Oldham, CEO of PortSys. “TAC provides all the dimensions of intelligence about a user’s context of access to much more securely deliver full, rich SSH sessions through a browser.”

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PortSys, Inc., a privately funded company, is a global innovator in information security and Zero Trust Access Control. Enterprise organizations around the world rely on PortSys’s scalable Total Access Control solution to significantly strengthen, simplify and unify IT security across the enterprise. PortSys serves customers from its U.S. headquarters in Marlborough, MA, offices in the UK, and distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For more information, visit www.portsys.com.

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