PortSys Announces the UAG Connector for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino

Marlborough, Mass.—August 15, 2011—– PortSys, Inc., a global partner with Microsoft™ and HP™ (www.portsys.com) today announced the Unified Access Gateway(UAG) Connector for IBM Lotus® Notes®/Domino® Connector. Available immediately, the Lotus Notes Connector allows the secure publishing of Lotus Notes/Domino resources through the PortSys Secure Gateway line of appliances. In addition, administrators can use the Lotus Authentication Repository as an authentication source for publishing any other applications through the gateway. Availability is immediate and will be available through PortSys and their channel partners internationally.

Using the fully supported Lotus Notes/Domino plug-in for the PortSys Unified Access Gateway (UAG), the only tool of its kind on the market, businesses can now extend all of the same features and functionality provided in their Lotus Notes/Domino desktop application to the Web. Employees are empowered with secure and convenient access to their email and calendar – anywhere and anytime – via any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Further, organizations can now allow differentiated access to Lotus Notes from the gateway. For example, if an end-user’s device does not meet the organization’s security policy for Anti-Virus, the user can be blocked from being able to upload or download attachments in their email. This may still allow users to view their email and remain productive, but protects the organization by limiting non-compliant devices from jeopardizing corporate network health.

PortSys UAG customer ZS Associates uses Lotus Domino as their primary email application. The fact that Microsoft no longer supports this with their standard UAG access software presented them with a significant problem. “Microsoft isn’t supporting Lotus Domino,” said Rainald Gunter, Lotus Domino Administrator for ZS Associates. “It would require us to find a wholly different solution. If we had to find another solution, it would have been considerably more costly in all aspects. Hardware, software, training, support, productivity: all of this would have impacted our business continuity in a material way.”

The Lotus Notes/Domino Connector for UAG solved the problem for ZS Associates and gave them control over access to their Lotus Domino environment again.

“The Lotus Notes/Domino Connector for UAG allows organizations to fully utilize the power of our UAG Secure Access Gateways and to publish their Lotus Notes/Domino applications for their users ,” said Keith Plaskett, Product Director at PortSys. “And, organizations can utilize their existing Lotus authentication repository to control access to other applications besides Lotus Notes/Domino as well. It’s easy and can publish the Lotus applications in as little as 60 seconds!”

For information about the PortSys UAG Connector for Lotus Notes/Domino, contact PortSys sales at sales@portsys.com.

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