PortSys Announces Portal Branding for UAG

Marlborough, Mass.—January 10, 2011—– PortSys, Inc., a global partner with Microsoft™ and HP™ (www.portsys.com) today announced Portal Branding for UAG. Portal Branding allows customers using PortSys’ UAG appliances and Microsoft’s Unified Access Gateway users to quickly and easily develop customized portals to simplify the end-user experience and maintain organizational branding. Availability is immediate and will be available through PortSys and their channel partners internationally.

Organizations want to present a consistent, branded experience for their end-users and business partners. A standard UAG deployment does not provide a simple interface for this. That’s why PortSys has developed Portal Branding. Portal Branding is a WYSIWYG technology that allows for rapid branding and customization of a UAG portal in as little as 2 minutes! This represents a substantial improvement over the traditional scripting that can take multiple hours or days of coding and troubleshooting to get similar results.

“This process is simple, easy to use and allows you to set up a fully branded portal in minutes”, said Keith Plaskett, Product Director for PortSys. “Simply select your logos, add customized messages for your end-users and design one-click tool bars to provide quick application and tool access. Portal Branding quickly and easily replaces the need to know up to five different scripting languages required to design a portal in a default Unified Access Gateway installation!”

For information about the Portal Branding for UAG, contact PortSys sales at sales@portsys.com.

About PortSys
PortSys has customers in over 40 countries worldwide representing some of the world’s largest financial institutions, government ministries, defense departments, healthcare organizations and industry-leading enterprises. PortSys is a privately funded company focused on network and applications security. With headquarters in Marlborough, MA, USA, PortSys also serves customers from its PortSys UK Limited offices in the London and through distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa. For more information, call +1 (781) 996-4900 in North America, +44 208 196 2420 for International, or visit www.portsys.com.