PortSys and Tricerion Announce SafeLogin Strong Mutual Authentication for UAG

Marlborough, Mass.—June 6, 2011—– PortSys, Inc., a global partner with Microsoft™ and HP™ (www.portsys.com) today announced along with Tricerion® announce the availability of SafeLogin™ Strong Mutual Authentication for UAG.  A powerful, low-cost, second-factor authentication product, it is unique in its approach by using a grid of pictures for a picture password.

Multi-factor authentication has been around for a while in various forms. However, as many organizations have found, it can be very expensive to maintain many of these systems. Token generating key-fobs have been one of the more popular solutions. But, the cost associated with buying, managing and replacing tokens has caused many organizations to look for simpler and lower cost alternatives. SMS delivered tokens to mobile phones is also a method that has gained popularity more recently, but this too has drawbacks.  SMS relies on having a signal on the mobile device at the time of authentication, and of course having the device with you at that time.  And, there is a cost for every time someone authenticates to a mobile device.

SafeLogin is a new, patented, clientless technology based on long understood scientific studies that demonstrate pictures are easier to remember than words.

“Since the actual password is never transmitted across the connection” said PortSys CEO Michael Oldham, “and only resides inside the secure gateway appliance, inside the trusted network, organizations can feel much safer than with more traditional multi-factor technologies.  Many of those incumbent technologies send passwords or tokens over the communication connection where they could be intercepted.”

Today with SafeLogin, customers can deploy multi-factor authentication cost-effectively and strengthen the authentication process dramatically, without increasing complexity. Users are able to manage this easily and companies are able to get the added security and proof of identity that they require.

For information about the PortSys SafeLogin Strong Mutual Authentication for UAG, contact PortSys sales at sales@portsys.com.

About PortSys

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PortSys is a privately funded company focused on network and applications security.  With headquarters in Marlborough, MA, USA, PortSys also serves customers from its PortSys UK Limited offices in the London and through distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  For more information, call +1 (781) 996-4900 in North America, +44 208 196 2420 for International, or visit www.portsys.com.