InfoSecurity Opinion by PortSys CEO Michael Oldham

“Biden’s Executive Order: The Inclusivity Imperative”

  • Key is to move all resources, local and cloud, to Zero Trust framework
  • Vulnerabilities will still be exposed without fully inclusive approach
  • Focus also needs to be on making lives of end users and admins easier

MARLBOROUGH, MA – May 28, 2021 – PortSys CEO Michael Oldham today shared his insights on President Biden’s recent cybersecurity Executive Order in an opinion article on the InfoSecurity Magazine website.

In his column, “Biden’s Executive Order: The Inclusivity Imperative,” Oldham explains why more weight needs to be given to inclusivity of all resources, local and cloud, as the Federal Government looks to deploy Zero Trust across its complex legacy infrastructure. He cites the earlier struggles of organizations that didn’t completely identify the critical factors that drive successful Zero Trust deployments.

“They would have been well advised to fully address the unique complex and complicated access needs of both their local and cloud-based resources,” Oldham writes. “And they should have done so in an accelerated manner that didn’t take years to roll out, while hackers continue to exploit vulnerabilities across their attack surfaces. They also should have focused on making the lives of end users and admins easier – not adding even more security hoops to jump through. And yet many organizations don’t think this through.”

Oldham says agencies should understand the benefits and drawbacks of three approaches as they move to meet the requirements in the Executive Order: identity-focused, data-focused, and access-focused Zero Trust strategies. He also advocates for incorporating Single Sign On (SSO) technology into any approach government agencies select, to seamlessly authenticate end user access requests.

PortSys customers span the globe across many vertical markets where secure access to enterprise information is vital. Its Total Access Control (TAC) solution combines multiple technologies together into a single Zero Trust approach that provides centralized control over access to local and cloud resources, from any device in any location. TAC provides increased security, a simpler user experience, and easy deployment within an organization’s existing infrastructure.

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