Are You Putting Your Enterprise at Risk with RDP?

  • RDP is not designed to securely ensure business continuity needs
  • Devices exposing RDP to the Internet increased more than 35% in one month
  • Total Access Control offers a much more secure approach to remote access than RDP

MARLBOROUGH, MA – April 9, 2020 – The latest post on the PortSys® blog explores the RDP security challenges enterprise organizations face today as they work to support the massive surge of employees now working from home during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

A report last week from the Shodan search engine found that:

  • The number of devices exposing RDP to the internet on standard ports (3389) grew 41.5% over the past month.
  • The number of devices exposing RDP to the internet on non-standard but often used alternate ports (such as 3388) grew 36.8% over the same period.

“RDP was never designed with business continuity in mind at the scale of which we see today,” Tim Boivin, Marketing Director for PortSys, writes in Business Continuity: Are You Putting Your Company at Risk with RDP? “Even before the Coronavirus forced organizations to quickly flip the switch on remote access for tens of millions of users, RDP vulnerabilities were some of the most commonly exploited by hackers. This has become even more pronounced over the past month as more employees work from home.”

Boivin details the historical security issues with RDP and how Total Access Control (TAC), the Zero Trust Access solution from PortSys, protects RDP much more securely while improving the functionality of secure remote access. He also discusses how organizations use TAC as the primary access solution for all resources, local and cloud, while working equally well for internal employees and business partners to improve everyone’s productivity. And he highlights how TAC provides a simpler, stronger and more unified approach to managing security for remote users.

You can read the blog post in its entirety here: 

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