Consolidated and intelligent security
for today's hybrid enterprise

What is consolidated and intelligent security?
Let’s start by describing what it isn’t.

Zero Trust
Access Control

ZTAC's Impact On Your
Perimeterless World

Over time a typical enterprise accumulates multiple security products and services as access needs evolve, each designed to address a different function. For example, mobile device management (MDM) is popular and widely used, as are remote tunneling technologies such as SSL and IP VPN platforms.  Network and Application firewalls are everywhere and made by dozens of vendors, as are Two-Factor Authentication products and Network Policy (NAP) systems.  Single Sign-On (SSO) products are also essential, but you need two if you wish to support both the enterprise and the cloud.   

The product list continues to grow while application and access needs grow as additional technologies are continually added to help control access. 



Total Access Control consolidates all your different security products from multiple vendors into one unified Zero Trust Access Control (ZTAC) solution with a much more fortified architecture specifically designed to address the security challenges of today and far into the future.
Simply put, TAC:  
  • Enables you to achieve your Zero Trust goals without the costly ripping and replacing of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Makes the lives of your end users’ and IT team alike easier, greatly improving productivity across the business
  • Accelerates modernization efforts to grow your business through digital transformation
  Click on the categories below to learn more about the impact Total Access Control’s seamless ZTAC approach has on your defense posture so your team can keep its focus on supporting your organization’s business goals and objectives – instead of having to constantly play a whack-a-mole game against the constantly evolving and persistent threats you see across today’s perimeterless world.

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Simplified User Experience

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