Performance for any access solution is crucial. Your end users need
to be able to do their jobs, not be stuck forever waiting for the system to respond

Application performance varies widely depending on factors including geographic location, the number of users seeking access and the quality of the network that connects them. Ensuring proper performance at all times requires a multi-pronged approach – which is exactly what Total Access Control delivers.

TAC’s zero trust access ensures optimal performance in a number of ways, namely:

Proprietary HTTP engine is tuned for security and performance specifically for access to applications resources

Combines dozens or hundreds of separate, sequential HTTP/HTTPS requests into far fewer requests while providing the same complete render at the user end

Compresses all network traffic using browser-compliant encoding, so decompression doesn’t require a separate client on the user end

To further improve performance, the TAC acceleration components analyze web-based traffic and optimizes its path through the network. TAC:

Improves Lagre icon

Improves application performance

Reduces Lage icon

Reduces network load​

Response Lage icon

response times

This multi-pronged approach delivers benefits for end users and IT alike, including:

Pushes application performance
beyond their design limitations

Enables more users to use the same resources in less time

Boosts network efficiency by reducing bandwidth usage and balancing server workload

Achieve significantly faster response times and reduce bandwidth utilization for end users, especially on lower bandwidth devices such as mobile phones and tablets.