Whether you want multiple devices in an array or even multiple data-centers
around the world, TAC can be deployed to meet your business and redundancy needs.

A zero trust access solution like Total Access Control must be able to meet the needs of the organization for redundancy and continuous operation.  If your users can’t get access to the system, they can’t do their jobs.  Whether you have employees working from home daily or due to a weather emergency or contractors who access your systems every day, availability is crucial.  But, as we know, hardware can fail, networks become unavailable, and weather can wreak havoc with access to your systems.

TAC provides full redundancy capabilities. Whether you’re a small company with 100 users or a multi-national corporation with multiple data centers around the world, TAC can scale and meet your needs.

Total Access Control components provide high availability and traffic management capabilities to ensure dependable, predictable performance at scale. Multiple gateways work together in active/active mode or active/passive mode, whichever works best for you.

TAC automatically syncs configurations between different array members to ensure that all nodes are up to date and able to process traffic securely and effectively.   TAC also syncs reporting information so that you are able to report on everything from one location.

Active Intelligence assures users and customers get a positive experience, providing high availability and performance. Its intelligence extends to applications and services connected to the gateway, which helps ensure scalability to meet even peak demands. This enables businesses to meet the challenge of guaranteeing secure application availability while ensuring that nodes can meet peaks in demand.

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Further, TAC can be deployed across multiple data centers in disparate geographies and will work together to provide seamless access to your employees, contractors, partners or customers wherever they happen to be.

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For larger organizations with various types of disaster recovery data center configurations, PortSys also offers GeoAvail™. GeoAvail works across the entire globe to provide seamless access to all of your datacenters and full high availability.

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TAC and GeoAvail include Active Intelligence, a distributed software solution that monitors data centers. When a failure is detected, traffic is automatically redirected to another data center with a working Total Access Control Gateway.

In short, TAC and GeoAvail with Active Intelligence provides:

High availability and scalability
for multiple TAC deployments

Active monitoring and redundancy
for entire data centers

Effective distribution of client traffic
among all gateway data centers
or network segments, based on client
origin or data center load levels