Another issue for VPNs is the complexity of your network. VPNs often require clients that must be installed on remote machines. Getting the clients loaded and/or updated properly already makes admins pull out their hair. This is on top of the challenges of trying to manage who is getting access to which resources when users are getting direct network access.

Many organizations use VPNs because other remote access products today won’t work properly with applications. A good example of this is SharePoint. Many remote access solutions have difficulty properly processing links for SharePoint, which causes significant frustrations. That leaves you with the choice of running SharePoint over a VPN or publishing it directly to the outside world – itself a scary proposition.

TAC provides a secure and fast alternative to both scenarios. TAC does not require a complex client like VPN solutions; it can be run with either a light client or without any client at all, dramatically simplifying implementation and ongoing operations.

Also, TAC’s full reverse proxy engine not only works fabulously for SharePoint, but for almost any other application as well. And TAC dramatically increases security and significantly improves performance over the other alternatives.