TAC offers comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities, including detailed reporting of all access to all resources. Now you can easily get a single report that answers the question, “Who has accessed what and when?”

Reporting is perhaps an under-appreciated aspect of security. Good reporting capabilities enable you to continually strengthen your security posture, by identifying trends as well as individual events that highlight areas needing attention. 

PortSys Total Access Control comes with audit and reporting capabilities that keep track of everything that happens in the gateway. Go back to any point in time and see who had access to what, and under what circumstance. Look at a single session and follow all the steps the user took, what they had the ability to access, what they did access, and for how long. 

Not only that, but TAC also keeps track of very granular information for each session such as the user credentials, location they access from, device they used, the status of that device (O/S, patch level, A/V status and much more), what applications they had access to, what applications they did access and which ones they are currently accessing.  This is just part of what is tracked and can be reported on and all of this information is kept for every access attempt, whether it’s successful or not, giving you very rich detail to use for investigating and reporting on issues should they arise.

Total Access Control enables you to report on information including:

Detailed reporting
of all access to all resources

The ability to drill down to any session, and any activity

Graphical reports
to simplify data analysis

Real-time view of portal and application performance

Authenticated and anonymous or unauthorized sessions

Portal response times

Peak usage – by time, geography, application
and more

Application usage
(finally know how many
people are actually using an application)

Gateway status
(license usage, certificate status, current performance and more)

Graphics capabilities enable you to simplify reports, making them suitable for C-level consumption. You’ll be able to easily show statistics on security policy violations, types of attacks that have occurred, anomalies and network traffic. Download the reports to a .csv format, schedule regular reports for emailing and more. 

Most importantly, when used in conjunction with other TAC features, reports can help you adapt policies to tighten security. If you see you’re getting lots of unauthenticated access attempts from a country where you never do business, for example, you can use the GEO-IP intelligence capability to block access from that country entirely.