This means that TAC inspects every connection before it can connect to your corporate resources, regardless of whether those resources exist in your local datacenter or in the cloud. Furthermore, with TAC’s zero trust access control you get to determine what criteria users must meet before getting access.​

No direct connection to resources – users must pass inspection through TAC first

Every connection is validated before allowing access – this includes robust endpoint inspection, credentials verification, device validation and much more

Each connection to each resource must pass the security policies you have set before access is granted

Per-application policies – each resource can have its own rules for access. This allows for variable access and even partial access to resources. No longer do you have to deal with “all or none” security policies

Dynamic Gateway – TAC intelligently reacts to each request for access and make determinations based on that particular user and their access criteria (device, device status, location, credentials and much more)

Customized Authentication based on risk – TAC allows for variations in authentication based on criteria you determine. For example, prompting for extra authentication for certain, more sensitive applications, or only allowing managed corporate devices to access certain resources