Being able to inspect the traffic for potential issues and block threats is critical.

TAC manages this on multiple levels. TAC is not only able to identify and block typical threats, but it can also provide a higher level of security in the way it delivers and secures access to applications. TAC has been designed from the ground up using the principles of zero trust for security and performance with standard features such as:​

Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks are rampant. Lost credentials are a huge risk for any organization. With TAC, you can protect yourself so that even if your end user loses or gives their credentials to a hacker, they still cannot get past TAC. TAC can use multiple factors of authentication (such as binding a specific device to a user’s account) to restrict access to only those people you know and trust, and not the hackers.

GeoIP Intelligence

Knowing where a request for access originates can be extremely helpful in determining who gets access and who doesn’t. TAC has built-in GeoIP Intelligence that lets you block or allow access from specific geographies. You can even do this for specific resources. For example, you can allow access to email from anywhere, but block access to financial applications from outside of your home country.

Brute Force Protection

Understanding when someone is trying to break down the door or compromise your organization is important. But, so is keeping your organization moving. Many applications or cloud services will lock out a user’s account if there are too many invalid attempts to log in. While this can be effective at slowing the hackers down, it also stops your employees cold. TAC provides brute force protection, but also allows your users to get on with their day without interruption, giving you both security and an uninterrupted experience for your legitimate end users.

Denial of Service Protection

Being able to identify when someone is trying to flood your organization and keep it from operating normally is highly desirable. TAC can identify these types of attacks and block the offending nodes while keeping operations open for your own users/partners, etc.

Port Scanning Protection

It’s widely known that applications tend to transact their data across specific ports. The hackers know this too. They know how to poll for vulnerabilities and openings in your security by scanning ports and what you have open to the world. TAC keeps this from happening. By bundling transactions securely across port 443, (using SSL/TLS encryption,) your applications are locked away from the prying scans of hackers. Even if your application had vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, TAC keeps this from happening because hackers cannot see your applications to identify which ones might be vulnerable to exploit.

URL Inspection

TAC inspects all the traffic that’s coming in before it makes its way to the application servers. TAC understands what the applications are expecting for traffic, and if an application violates that expected standard in some way, TAC will sever the connection before anything ever makes it to the protected application. On top of this, TAC will also validate the end user, their device, location, and much more before allowing connections to your valuable business resources. So, you’re protected in multiple ways.

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